Learn about using trophon®2 as an extra precaution for managing COVID-19 risks

Two recent publications have described use of trophon* as an extra precaution for disinfection of non-critical ultrasound probes scanning COVID-19+ patients and patients under investigation.

Ultrasound probes should be disinfected in advance of the procedure according to the Spaulding classification. Download the Clinical Bulletin, Infection prevention for point of care ultrasound in COVID-19, for more information.

Access the papers at the journal site in JDMS & Ultrasound Q (see Appendix 1)

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Proper management of reusable medical devices is central in preventing transmission between patients and from patients to healthcare workers. Learn about the benefits of automated HLD with trophon2. 

*The trophon family includes trophon EPR and trophon2 devices which share the same core technology of sonically activated hydrogen peroxide